"I don't know what you've seen or what you've heard. Watching the paint dry is an experience which leads to the full understanding of what happens when something is painted."

-Allen Compass

ƒ'(action) friends ƒ'(action) music

Some musing about derivative action

Raison d'être

You find something that sparks interest. You're curiosity draws you deeper into how it functions in the way you find interesting. You seek the tools which will allow you to recreate that same spark. Upon reaching this plateau, you look around. You then decide to build further. In order to connect other plateaus you've achieved, and to heighten that which you stand upon.

On A fait naître

Roughly twenty years ago, I opened photoshop and sliced and diced my way to an initial webpage, with randomness. A little over a decade later I simplified to purely html, with some leftover image swag. Progress happens in fits and starts, life gets in the way, focus is always helpful.

DMT portfolio